Bar Star is one of the well augmentation providers in Park County, Colorado offering  augmentation services to the Indian Mountain Subdivision. Picture of Tarryall Ranch Reservoir 1 and 2,  where augmentation water is stored and released for Indian Mountain and Elkhorn subdivisions. Owned and operated by Bar Star.

All wells serving lots in the Indian Mountain subdivision must be enrolled in a water-court approved augmentation plan in order to operate.  An augmentation plan serves to replace depletions to a stream or river caused by pumping a well by providing a replacement source of water to that stream or river in order to prevent injury to other senior water rights.  Bar Star Land, LLC, d/b/a Bar Star Water Company (“Bar Star”) owns and operates the augmentation plan decreed in Case No. W-7389, Water Division 1 (“W-7389 Plan”), which is specifically decreed to augment wells in the Indian Mountain Subdivision.

Please note, Bar Star is one of several augmentation providers in the area and therefore is not your only choice for augmentation.

Recent News

January  15, 2024
Bar Star Customers, you should be receiving invoices for the 2024 annual augmentation fee in the coming weeks. Some may be receiving invoices from past augmentation years if payments are still outstanding.

Thank you!

Annual Augmentation Service Fee

We aim to keep pricing as low as possible and have been one of the lowest cost augmentation providers in the area for some time. As many of you are aware, with the significant increases to costs like fuel, labor and equipment the last few years, we unfortunately had to raise rates in 2022.  Our goal is to keep pricing consistent and not have to raise rates often. We appreciate your patronage and understanding. Below is a list of Bar Star’s fee for the last four years.

  • 2024 – $300
  • 2023 – $300
  • 2022 – $300
  • 2021 – $200
  • 2020 – $200

Please visit our Cost and Forms page for more information.