Bar Star Water Company (“Bar Star”), formerly Indian Mountain Corp (“IMC”), has been providing water augmentation services in Park County since 1973 where it has operated and maintained the Indian Mountain and Elkhorn Augmentation Plans.

Picture of Tarryall Ranch Reservoir 1 and 2,  where augmentation water is stored and released for Indian Mountain and Elkhorn subdivisions. Owned and operated by Bar Star.

Recent News

2020 Rate Schedule

Below is  Bar Star Water’s 2020 augmentation rate schedule:

  • $200 – Annually
  • $600 – Four years ($150/year)
  • $900 – Six years ($150/year)
  • $1200 – Eight years ($150/year)
  • $1500 – Ten years ($150/year)

2020 Fees for lots without operating wells:

  • Vacant Lot Water Availability Fee – $25 per year 
  • Dormant Well Fee – $50 per year
  • Well with pump installed, but not connected to structure – $75 per year

No meter is required.

If you would like to elect one of the long term plans please click below and fill out the election form.


  • Augmentation certificate transfer fee (long-term plans only): $100.00 (with sale or transfer of one property only)
  • Late Fee: $25 assessed for each 30-day period the Annual Fee is late.
  • NSF Fee (insufficient funds/returned check): $50 assessed per returned item.

How to Elect Service from Bar Star if You are on the IM WSP

Owners have been asking how to change their augmentation service to Bar Star if they are on the IM WSP. It is a simple process that requires no application fee.

All you have to do is fill out the below form and follow the directions.