Bar Star Water Company (“Bar Star”), formerly Indian Mountain Corp (“IMC”), has been providing water augmentation services in Park County since 1973 where it has operated and maintained the Indian Mountain and Elkhorn Augmentation Plans.

Picture of Tarryall Ranch Reservoir 1 and 2,  where augmentation water is stored and released for Indian Mountain and Elkhorn subdivisions. Owned and operated by Bar Star.

Recent News

2021 Billing

Due to unexpected technical issues and receiving clarification from the Colorado Division of Water Resources, 2021 invoices have been delayed this year. You should expect to receive your 2021 invoice by June 30.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Update on Water Augmentation in Indian Mountain

According to the Colorado Division of Water Resources (CDWR), all wells in Indian Mountain remain included in the W-7389 Augmentation Plan, even though some lot owners have enrolled their wells in a second augmentation plan, IMMD-WSP, operated by Headwater Authority of the South Platte (HASP).

Over the last several years, Bar Star has attempted to clarify with the CDWR what that means for well owners in Indian Mountain. Unfortunately, these efforts were unsuccessful. In an attempt to resolve this issue once and for all, in 2019 Bar Star incurred the time and expense to file a case in Water Court (Case Number 2019CW3034) asking for the wells that had enrolled in the IMMD-WSP or HASP’s augmentation plans to simply be removed from Bar Star’s W-7389 Plan (unless those well owners had also paid for the use of the W-7389 plan by purchasing a long term plan). CDWR opposed Bar Star’s efforts to remove the HASP wells from Bar Star’s W-7389 Plan, arguing that in order to do so, onerous terms and conditions needed to be added to the Plan, which in our opinion, would be detrimental and harmful to the Plan and Indian Mountain residents. Despite numerous rounds of negotiations, CDWR continued to insist upon adding new conditions to the W-7389 Plan which has served the Indian Mountain Community since 1973. As a result, Bar Star withdrew the application in late 2020.

Bar Star also attempted to convey the W-7389 Plan to HASP so that everyone in Indian Mountain could pay into one system and receive augmentation service. Unfortunately, HASP declined Bar Star’s offer, in part because it was unclear what to do with those well owners who had paid HASP for augmentation water. (Everyone in Indian Mountain is already assessed by the Indian Mountain Metropolitan District through property taxes, which could charge everyone the same rate and simply pay HASP, similar to how other subdivisions pay for services.)

So what does this mean for Indian Mountain lot owners?

It means that all lots and wells continue to be included in Bar Star’s W-7389 Plan, and some wells are included in both Bar Star’s Plan and HASP’s Plan. Bar Star is not required at this time to make releases for those wells covered by HASP’s Plan but it does continue to store water in its reservoir for those wells because, as of today, those well owners can change their well permit at any time.

Due to all of the foregoing, we have made the following changes to our rate schedule.

Any well that we are required to store water for (which includes ALL wells in the Indian Mountain subdivision even if you have opted into another augmentation plan) will be charged a Water Storage Fee of $100 annually to share the costs of maintenance and administration that is required to run the W-7389 Augmentation Plan. The Water Storage Fee does not apply to those wells that are currently on an annual or long-term plan with us. If you purchased a long-term plan with us and also opted to be in another augmentation plan, you will not be charged Water Storage Fees until your long-term plan expires.

For further clarification on the rate changes for 2021 – Once a well permit is issued from CDWR, we must store and release water for any potential depletions from your well, so you will receive the appropriate billing from Bar Star based on our 2021 Fee Schedule.

On dormant wells (wells with no pump installed), we are still required to store and release water for any potential depletions, so you will be charged fees until you abandon your well and file the proper paperwork with CDWR. This also applies to an Expired Well Permit.

We understand that some of these permits just need to be cancelled. The property owner must contact CDWR and file the proper paperwork to correct this issue. If this has been completed by September 30, 2021 and you provide the proof to Bar Star, we will credit your account(s) for the appropriate 2021 Augmentation Fees you were billed for on these wells in question.